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upcoming EVENTS

Concerts & Parties

INNhale Resort offers Infused dinners, live music, Sonos surround sound, Puff and Paint, Themed Parties for Mardi Gras Carnivale, Emma Crawford Coffin Races, All Hallow's Eve, Harvest celebration, Winterfest, Spring equinox, 4th of July which is INNhale's anniversary, and more. We have 420 Adventures year round, and have a huge list of local resources for your stay.


Puff & paint

We provide the easel, paints, canvas, appetizers, wine, and camaraderie. 

You bring yourselves and your favorite strains.  

Advance reservations required. 


corporate retreats & Weddings

Looking for a truly unique event? INNhale's party planing team will create a legendary, unforgettable experience.


toking Tortoise spa

Enjoy a CBD or THC Infused massage or try the healing Infrared sauna.  Hot tubs are soon to be included, as well as a wading pool with waterfall feature. 


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